Monday, April 4, 2011

Quote of the Week : Training Day (2001)

"Aww, you motherfuckers. Okay. Alright. I'm putting cases on all you bitches. You think you can do this shit... Jake. You think you can do this to me ? You motherfuckers will be playing basketball in Pelican Bay when I get finished with you. SHU program, nigga. 23 hour lockdown. I'm the man up in this piece. You'll never see the light of day... who the fuck do you think you're fucking with? I'm the po-lice, I run shit around here. You just live here. Yeah, that's right, you better walk away. Go on and walk away... 'cause I'm gonna' burn this motherfucker down. KING KONG AINT GOT SHIT ON ME !!"
Detective Alonzo Harris (Denzil Washington) delivers his powerhouse speech at the finale of Antoine Fuqua's cult hit Training Day. Washington has never been so dominant on screen and thus won the Academy Award for best actor.

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