Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Rebound: Review

Ok. So. This film? Was surprising. I am a big lover of romantic comedies. All but three of my DVD collection are romantic comedies. But when I saw who was in this film; Catherine Zeta Jones; I shrugged my shoulders. I'm not the biggest fan of her films. Not because she's a bad actress, I just don't warm well to what she's played a part in. I started off watching this with the intention of me turning it off. 95 minutes later and I'm balling my eyes out at the ending. It's bizarre, funny, awful, messy, loving and uplifting. I cringed at a certain part of the film. The cliche ''kid finds mum & stranger having 'dirty-nothings' on the sofa" scenario. I laughed at other parts. The children in this film are quite genius. Obviously ''too old for their age'', and just too cute. Then there was the ending where, yes, I cried. The part where many years later the couple find themselves in, oh wait, yes, the same restaurant. The guy has been off on a journey of self discovery and returned with a child he's picked up. (Who by the way is also adorable). And then somehow, everything is fine again, and I'm assuming everything starts back up again. It's your average romantic comedy. But with a twist. A bizarre twist, of a lady in her 40's and a guy in his 20's who inevitably fall in love. We all know what's going to happen. ''Hello, this is weird, oh wait this is happening, oh gosh i've fallen in love with you, oh no this can't happen, i'm leaving, uh oh i've found you again''. But without a doubt, films like this just seem to work, and make you feel warm inside, even if you can't stand the lead actor/actress. If you don't like romantic comedies, but your other half wants to watch it, really, don't watch it. But if you like romantic comedies and your curious, just give it a go. Even I was surprised at the end.

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