Monday, February 14, 2011

My Funny Valentine - Wall-E

Happy Valentine's Day, whether your happily with someone or you're one of those people that shuns the day, proclaiming yourself to be, and always, will be a lone wolf. Coincidentally that's how I used to act until I found someone, funny that. It is, of course, the main day of the year when it seems customary to watch some kind of romantically themed movie. It will probably be a comedy, it will probably involve two people who hate each other, who then start to fall for each other, then they'll hit a bump in the relationship before realizing they were meant to be. There's quite a lot of them about so you won't be spoilt for choice. Distribution companies have made it even easier now by putting rom-com's in pink boxes so that we don't even have to read, we simply have to register the colours!

Provided a few exceptions, I personally can't stand rom-coms. Nothing to do with a grim, nihilistic world view, more a grim, nihilistic view of the cliche ridden and unimaginative which the majority of romance films seem to be. So I thought I'd pick my favourite Valentine's Day film and there's no Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson or Renee Zellweger in sight. It's fairly recent but Wall-E has become my romantic pick. Yes it's an animated film and yes it's love story revolves around two robots but you must truly be born with a heart of coal not to be slightly touched by Wall-E and EVE.

Wall-E sits in his trailer re-watching scenes from Hello Dolly! over and over just waiting for someone to share his life with. EVE comes along and shuns him whilst he dutifully waits around for her to show him any sign of acknowledgement beyond shooting at him. He clings on to a spaceship when EVE is taken aboard, literally crossing time and space to be with her. All because he wants to simply hold her hand. Aaawwwwwww. Despite being quite a downtrodden character Wall-E is determined and resourceful throughout complementing EVE's toughness. It's not often that the man is carried away by the woman, it's a great, long overdue role reversal. Even though it's a Pixar film, meaning it's bound to have a nice ending, I couldn't help but get anxious toward the end when the re-built Wall-E seems to have forgotten all about EVE until she plants a sad kiss on him causing a spark that reboots his memory. Charming doesn't begin to cover it. I have never failed to watch this film and not want to hug the one I love. So this Valentine's Day if you're looking for a film that really will bring you closer to that special someone and you want a change from "real" people getting all loved up on film, give these two robots a go. X

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