Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Film Review with Robert Mann - Lovers Jump

Lovers Jump ***½

Originally hailing from the small town of Newcastle in Northern Ireland but now living in London, rising director Mark McCombe has recently finished his first short film, Lovers Jump. Starring up and coming actor Laurence Fuller, who has been under consideration for (although not actually cast in) roles in several high profile mainstream movies – among them The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, The Hobbit, Judge Dredd and The King’s Speech – the film’s premise is simple:

Peter (Fuller) is a young man who has recently lost his mother in an accident. Feeling that he is personally responsible for her death, because of something he told her before he died, he is now on a bridge about to jump. His aunt (Holly Clark) comes along to try and talk him out of it but it transpires that he has a plan to take care of the person he considers responsible for his mother’s death and he won’t be stopped. Essentially just one scene based around one conversation, this is relatively short piece of filmmaking but, technically speaking, it is a very well made one. From the outset to the final shot, the cinematography is excellent, the camera boasting a very vivid, almost dreamlike effect and the subtle capturing of colour, with some colours almost seeming toned down while others seem slightly emphasised, gives the film a pretty distinctive look. The dialogue – which really is all there is to the writing (by Jenny Wong) – is very good, the conversation seeming suitably realistic and the exchange between the two characters packs a suitably strong emotional punch, something that is of course attributable as much to the actors. It’s not hard to see why there is so much buzz surrounding Laurence Fuller. His performance here is excellent, being one of quiet desperation, the look of despair on his face being completely convincing, allowing us to truly believe in the character’s depressed state, while the subtly sinister undertone to his performance adds another level to his character, something that leads in to the film’s abrupt but effective ending which hints at what the character is about to do without explicitly showing us. Holly Clark also delivers a strong performance but it is Fuller who the show really belongs to here. Rounding out the film is some excellent musical scoring by composer Rich Keyworth which gives the film an appropriately emotive essence and feel and really enhances the visuals and conversation. Lovers Jump may not be the most substantial short film you will see but a substantial amount of talent is on display here. At the very least, it proves to be a perfect showcase for star Laurence Fuller but at best it also proves to be as much a showcase for the other people involved in putting the film together.

Director Mark McCombe is currently in the process of getting Lovers Jump out to the public.


Review by Robert Mann BA (Hons)

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