Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Classic Trailer - Sex Madness

Being the week that is supposed to inspire love in all its forms, I think it's important that before there can be any hanky panky of any sorts that we should all take a moment to view this serious public service announcement.

Directed by exploitation filmmaker Dwain Esper, creator of other greats such as Marihuana, The Devil's Weed, Love Life Of Adolph Hitler and Narcotic: As Interpreted By Dwain Esper. You can tell from the names alone that Dwain wasn't a man to afraid to play the alarmist card. I particularly like any title that says "As Interpreted by...". By that law I could make a version of Glee where I tear out everyone's vocal cords whilst filming my shear joy at the act - 'Glee: As Interpreted by...'

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