Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Classic Trailer - The Devil's Rain

In a small rural town a group of satanists hope to unleash hell... whilst melting your face!

This little gem of crappy 70s horrors falls is one of those great examples where you watch it and ask "when's it going to get scary". People go missing, satanists are supposedly responsible, Ernest Borgnine acts weird then seems to turn into a goat, that pretty much covers it. Oh and when it rains "the devil's rain" everyone's face melts because... that's what the devil's rain does.

The main reason to watch this is a brilliantly fraught turn from William Shatner (back when he was still holding on to the notion of being a "serious" actor). Tom Skerritt lends wide-eyed support and John Travolta pops up in an early role. It's an absurdists fantasy under the guise of a honest-to-goodness horror mystery. It's pretty easy to seek out and it's well worth a look, I'm sorry I mean to BEHOLD. Also, I the mask used in Halloween is based on William Shatner is this where it came from?

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