Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alien Vs Ninja: Review

A group of Ninjas are stalked by an Alien in a forest. Hilarity ensues! That's it, if you thought the title left little to the imagination you should try giving up the 90min or so I did watching the thing. Films like this should be better, AvN had a lot of charm, effort had gone into it. The wire work in the fight scenes, especially the odd zombie-ninja-controlled-by-alien in the last act, was pretty good. The gore was thrown in great pink and red handfuls as Ninjas and Aliens alike were cut, stabbed, gutted, slashed, punched, dismembered, and ridden like a rodeo pony....that needs to be seen to be believed. The 4 main characters were typical of these films, the angry one, the quiet one, the tubby comic relief and the woman. Who was plagued by not only aliens but by crash zooms on her bum and at one point an amorous alien infatuated by her bosom. The Alien itself was a direct Ridley Scott rip off, apart from having the head of a dolphin and gummy sweets teeth. If your going to have inhabitants be terrified and screaming then at least have an alien with the goods to do so. I wanted this film to be so bad it was good but a horrendous script, shoddy humor and a production budget that was at least £2.38 meant what little charm it had at the opening power rangers meets kill bill fight scene was all dried up by the credits. I will say this though before tonight I'd never seen an Alien fight a Ninja.

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